About Us

Principia provides high quality automation, manufacturing IT and technical services at competitive costs in a sustainable environment to meet demanding and evolving expectations.

Principia helps companies in the Life Sciences and Food Manufacturing sectors achieve better control over their automation and Manufacturing IT strategies. Through a workforce mostly comprised of scientists and engineers with a manufacturing background, our personnel’s robust capabilities can easily adapt to your company’s way of working to ensure seamless integration and implementation.


We are key contributors to the success of our clients by providing high quality services at competitive costs in a sustainable environment, while meeting evolving expectations. Our commitment is to use the best of our capabilities to strengthen the competitiveness and long-term outlook of the operations we serve.


To become the preferred Automation, Manufacturing IT and Technical Services solution provider within the Bio-Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices industries. To be recognized for our integrity, quality, focus, high ethical standards and commitment to our customers.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Principia


Client-centric approach

We believe in building long-term relationships


Certified as a Small/Minority Owned Business Enterprise (SDC5385)

We can help your company comply with minority enterprises requirements


Improved control over processes and systems

We believe in building long-term relationships


Assured quality operations

Based on our vast experience working directly in manufacturing, we understand your needs


Cost-efficiency and sustainability

Principia was born from the belief that there is a better way to serve the industry’s needs

System Integrator


Systems Developers