Energy Management

In search of opportunities for cost reduction and productivity enhancement, organizations are turning into smart energy management alternatives. Principia engineers have hands-on experience in driving successful Energy Management Programs.

Energy Management Services

At Principia Inc. we are here to guide and manage your energy demand site management program.
From demand response and energy efficiency projects, to peak reduction and load shifting,
we bring the experience and implementation capability to identify good opportunities and
turn them into valuable savings.

Our services include:

  • PREPA contract review and invoice analysis
  • Electrical Energy Audits of your Organization
  • Real Time metering & power quality measurements
  • New Technologies Assessment and Recommendation for HVAC and Lighting Systems (i.e. LED &
  • Renewable Energy Solutions (Photovoltaic Systems)
  • Monitor power consumption in a real time basis using metering device and software tools
  • Help Achieve Energy Star Certification for the Organization

To accomplish this goal it’s vital that you work with a partner that has the experience executing
projects and programs for applications in your industry. When you partner with Principia
for Power and Energy Management solutions, you get a team of experienced professionals.

We have the capability and resources to help you achieve your goals to reduce your electrical
power consumption as described before. The moment to implement new technologies, cut wasted
energy and reduce operational costs to improve the bottom line of your business is now.