Process Automation

Our Process and Industrial Automation personnel brings vast experience in designing, building, delivering and maintaining solutions for Continuous Manufacturing and Discrete Processes using best-in-class platforms.

Control Systems

Principia provides preliminary engineering for conceptual designs complete with documentation
such as equipment lists and budget estimates for obtaining project funding. We can provide
documentation, such as design drawings and diagrams, project scope of work, hardware and
software budget, and engineering budget for project justification analysis and obtaining
project funding and approval.

Principia employs a structured, scalable project methodology designed to meet or exceed your
automation project goals. Our project management process model encompasses the following
phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution & Project Control and Closing. We have resources
with a strong automation background to manage complex Automation Project.

Data Historian

Data historians are an integral part of the decision-making process of industries. Data historians
provide the means to capture and analyze data to improve efficiency, quality, safety
and sustainability.

At Principia we are OSIsoft Partners and PI System integrators. By partnering with the industry
standard in enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and event, we
can help your company

  • Collect process data from several sources, such as enterprise systems, databases, and
    shop floor data sources.
  • Classify the collected data into a single system. Secures the data and provides role
    based security, and delivers the data to users at all levels of the company in a
    uniform and consistent manner.
  • Find the information needed: The PI System provides different ways for users to retrieve
    the needed information. Users can search for data based on specific PI tag attributes,
    events, and or notification using PI products or via standard protocols including
  • Analyze: Convert real time data and events into actionable information.
  • Visualize: Gain a comprehensive view of your operational information with intuitive visuals.


Serialization regulations have been put in place as part of an effort by regulatory agencies
to curb counterfeiting and drug adulteration.

Serialization regulations are aimed to keep track of the drug product along the whole supply
chain and to be able to track the product from units into larger containers.

At Principia we can help you with your serialization needs by providing the following services:

  • Systech on- site start-up support and technical assistance.
  • Systech troubleshooting and equipment repair.
  • New or retrofit Systech equipment installation.
  • Systech electrical systems testing and optical set up.