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Principia is a leading Automation Manufacturing IT and technical Services solution provider in Puerto Rico, with a solid and successful presence in the USA, and a trajectory of excellence in services to Latin America, Europe and Canada.

We provide the expertise and personnel to support biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices and food Manufacturers optimize processes and systems.

As Rockwell and Wonderware Systems Developers, you can expect high-quality services at competitive costs in a sustainable environment to meet demanding and evolving expectations

About Principia

Let our experience in Automation Management and Strategy Development Work for You

Artboard 1 P r ocess A u t omation Our p r ocess and Industrial A u t omation personnel a r e t r ained t o of f er a b r oad scope of se r vices t o meet or e x ceed y our p r oject goals. T echnical Se r vices W e ensu r e that y our p r ocess, manufacturing, packaging equipment, facility and utilities pe r form as the intended design. P r oject Management W e help y our ope r ations complete their p r oject on time, under budget and meeting 100% of the r equi r ements. Energy Management Cost r eduction and p r oductivity enhancement. Principia engineers h a v e hands-on experience in driving successful Ene r gy Management P r og r ams. Industries Our highly skilled staff is disciplined t o work within a r ange of industries in the dynamic Li f e Sciences sec t o r , t o meet demanding and e v olving expectations. V alidation (Q&C and CS V ) As pa r t of our wide expe r tise, we p r o vide Commissioning & Qualification and Computer System V alidation Solutions. I T Manufacturing Our Manufacturing E x ecution Systems comprise applications that connect the r eal-time data originated at the shop floor with the enterprise l ev el applications. Learn more

“We come from the industry. We’ve been in it. We know what a pharmaceutical leader or a manufacturing leader needs.”