Project Management

Principia Project Management personnel can lead or support projects in all the disciplines we serve, including and not limited to Process, Engineering, Automation and IT.

Project Management Capabilities

Principia Inc. provides project management solutions and consulting that helps PMO, project,
and business leaders apply the best project and portfolio management process practices to
drive performance and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive offerings include project portfolio management using a structured capital project
management process methodology (CPMP), capital program management and project management

Our team possesses extensive expertise identifying problems and suggesting cost effective solutions
to our clients. Each methodology is tailored in support of our client’s specific regulatory
and business environment.

Our proven ability to deliver against business priorities ranging from organizational process
improvements to the execution of mission-critical projects is why Principia Inc. is trusted
by top organizations around the world.

Principia Inc. has an extensive network of company-backed resources and assets to draw from when
delivering project management solutions to our clients. Start improving your project portfolio
management process today!

Our commitment to quality includes executive oversight on every engagement and unparalleled attentiveness
to the relationship we forge with each of our clients.

We like to share our knowledge and experience with our clients, helping them to optimize and
improve their project organization, coordination and monitoring processes, plus related activities.

Principia Inc. strongly believes that project success is a combination of team effort, good but
lean processes, skills & competencies, and attitude. Projects are prepared and executed by

Having a motivated team with the right skills set, working in a well-organized environment, gives
you more than one step ahead toward success.